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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 9, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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feeling clearly bipartisan pressure for several days now on these leaks. what do we know? >> look, it's a time tested washington strategy leak unpleasant news on a friday night and hope the media is out drinking and too busy to pay attention. the president, joking a little bit, the president also was under a lot of pressure after his answers at a press conference today when he didn't definitively say whether or not the administration was investigating these leaks. here's the president. >> what i'm saying is we consistently -- whenever there is classified information that is put out into the public, we try to find out where that came from. all right? okay. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> now anderson, the president -- some on the hill have accused the white house of deliberately leaking the information to make the president look like a strong
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commander in chief in an election year. the white house has emphatically denied that charge. the question is, was anybody in the administration involved in sharing any of this information, and that's what this investigation is helping to get to the bottom of. >> and clearly, if you read the reports, there was an article in "the new york times" about the computer virus used against iran. it does quote administration officials, whether or not they were leaking classified information. i guess that's what investigators will look into. some on capitol hill, senator mccain among them, had called for an independent investigation. a special counsel to be appointed. clearly the white house is not going down that road. do you think this will satisfy critics on the hill who say the justice department should not be investigating the white house? >> well, there's some who are probably not going to be satisfied. but this is according to attorney general holder standard
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procedure at this point. what you have at this stage are two very senior prosecutors who are investigating them. each is a u.s. attorney. there's robert macken, a democratic, who is leading one of the investigations. but the other investigation is being led by rod rosenstein. he was appointed by president bush. he actually served with ken starr. you remember him because he helped investigate whitewater and the monica lewinsky affairs. so hardly a neutral -- not to be -- you can say in the president's back pocket. both are graduates of harvard law school, interestingly because the president was as well. eric holder has notified members about this investigation, but will continue to update them, both members of the intel committee and the judiciary committee. so that should satisfy some members of congress who do
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insist on being kept abreast of this. >> you've been covering the white house for a while. how seriously is the white house taking this? how bad are they worried about this as far as having blow back from the president? >> this administration points out, and it's true they take leaks seriously. and they have investigated and prosecuted more leakers than other administrations. >> in fact, all other administrations combined, they have six ongoing cases. >> right, and they take a lot of heat from the left for it. because it's not something that you expect from a democratic administration. they say they take it seriously. the president pointed that out today. that he has zero tolerance for this. the thing about these sorts of investigations is once they start, you never know where they lead and how long they last. so the political implications could be potentially damaging for this administration in an election year. and i'd add this has not been a good week for the president. not only this leak story, but other stories. he had all sorts of political damage with the campaign this
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week. it's been a tough one for the president. >> jessica, stick around. i want to talk to you more about that in a moment. in another report now, president obama gave republicans what some are calling a gift when he said this at the friday press briefing. >> the private sector is doing fine. where we're seeing weaknesses in our economy had to do with state and local government. oftentimes cuts initiated by, you know, governors or mayors who are not getting the kind of help that they have in the past from the federal government. and who don't have the same kind of flexibility as the federal government in dealing with fewer revenues coming in. >> the republicans have pounced on the first five words. the private sector is doing fine.
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within hours they surfaced in a republican national committee web ad. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> mitt romney and other leading republicans also jumped on president obama's use of those words. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? >> well, mr. president, i used to run a small business. and mr. president, take it from me, the private sector is not doing well. >> we just listened to the president say that the private sector is doing fine. and my question would be to the president, are you kidding? did he see the job numbers come out last week. >> and romney also attacked president obama for calling for
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more stimulus money to hire workers. >> did hoe not get the message from wisconsin? the american people did. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. >> well, democrats quickly jump on mitt romney for specifying firemen for saying we don't need more of. governor walker kept firefighters and police from seeing the same cuts many others in public sectors face. the white house clearly are ware that saying the private sector is doing fine was giving ammunition to the president's opponents and then the president later clarified his remarks. >> the economy is not doing fine. there are too many people out of work. the housing market is still weak and too many homes underwater. >> to be fair, when the president took office, the economy was in the basement. you can decide for yourself how much credit he should get. it's also true that private
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sector corporate profits are at an all-time high according to government reports. but keeping them honest here are some other facts. last month, the private sector added 82,000 jobs, far fewer expected and less than the 147,000 in march. job growth is slowing down and unemployment rose to 8.2% last month. a lot to talk about. joining me, chief white house correspondent jessica yellin and ari fleischer and paul begala. so the private sector is doing fine, then he clarifies the remarks. how big of gaffe do you think this is for the president? >> well, anderson, remember when john mccain said in the 2008 election the fundamentals of the economy are strong and then candidate obama hammered him mercilessly for it saying he was out of touch and he rode that all the way to the victory. president obama hasn't demonstrated repeated instances of being totally out of touch. what it's done is gotten him off message. this press conference was intended to let the president
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take the offensive, to let him say that it's the republicans in congress who are responsible for these jobs -- the disappointing jobs numbers we just saw and he was trying to get the republicans in congress to take action on his jobs bill. >> the president's critics say that the president is out of touch and this is another example of that. do you think it's similar to that john mccain comment? >> no, it's about a 2.0 on the mccain richter scale. it was clearly a mistake. he went in and cleaned it up. heat created -- he hasn't, the american economy and the private sector has created 4.3 million jobs since the recession ended. that's not good enough. but it's better than in the last recession, the last republican presidency, the last presidency we had, we only created 1.7 million jobs. i can't remember the name of the guy, but he was a terrible president. just dreadful. so he's got an argument to make. what's interesting is mitt
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romney answered it with a gaffe of his own. he attacked president obama for saying we need more teachers, cops and firefighters. >> ari, i want to go to you know. we'll get to what mitt romney said afterward. but let's focus on what president obama said. i mean, do you give him a pass on this or do you think this is a sign that he's out of touch? >> no, i think the only difference between this and what john mccain said is president obama has the advantage of having said it in june when fewer people are watching. john mccain said it in september, october, when it was in the middle of a intense campaign. i think the bigger trouble is an ongoing pattern of dismissiveness of the private sector. the president said oh those rich people are doing fine. it comes from his days of being a community organizer to being the president. >> can't you interpret it as making record profits right now, so he's saying they're doing fine it's the public sector where government can actually do something do in the short term? >> but anderson that's also part of the president's misunderstanding how the private sector works.
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the reason so many corporations are sitting on the cash is because they're worried about obamacare and the impact on the bottom line, the tax hikes scheduled to go into place on january 1, and the anti-business and anti-corporate environment. people are worried more taxes and regulations are coming down on them so they're being cautious. >> in point of fact, it was said inartfully, but what he meant to say is that the part of the economy where jobs are being added -- where jobs are being lost is the part where government can make the most difference. it's an argument against austerity. he is saying it's astonishing to him that congress won't do something to help government add more teachers' jobs, add more police officers, add more firefighters. this is about a fundamental difference about the role of government. he does not believe in austerity at this time, while republicans do. he's saying republicans should do something -- >> jessica, that's not what he
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said. >> ari, go ahead. >> that's not what he said. >> it's what he believes and what he said. it was a gaffe, but we have heard him say it many, many times. you have heard him say it. >> i have heard him be dismissive of the private second of the many times that's one of the fundamental drags on the economy. that's one of the reasons his policies aren't working. he's suppressing job creators in this country who fear what's next. >> so paul, then to romney's point, romney makes this statement which i'm wondering if he's going to now clarify that a few hours from now. he said that the president's talking about hiring more teachers and policemen and firemen. we need to be cutting government, that's the message we learned in wisconsin, that the american taxpayers want. it's rare -- do you think that was a gaffe or do you think that was just kind of politically incorrect honesty? because it's rare that people talk about cutting government, but rarely do they specify, you know, teachers and firemen and -- or at least firemen and firefighters and policemen. >> right.
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it could be that romney just being consistent. when he was in business he laid off private sector workers. and now he wants to be president and he wants to lay off the government workers. it's time for us to cut back on government and help the american people. that's an interesting notion, that fewer cops and fewer firefighters will help the american people. he would be better as a rhetorician if he said not teachers and cops and if i had as many mansions as mitt romney did, i'd want as many firefighters out there. he benefits from the firefighters more than most of us. >> ari, this was a gift to the democrats, but do you think this was a gaffe on mitt romney's part or do you think he's right? >> of course if he had said it about the government workers, but that was his point, he said more workers. he didn't say fewer or less, or he's going to fire as paul has said. he said more. the issue here is as jessica pointed out, philosophical.
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president obama believes the way you grow the economy is by having the government find more reasons to hire more people. and mitt romney believes in having a private sector thrive so you can hire more people. i think that's the philosophical difference between what the president said and mitt romney said and at the end of the day, mitt romney is a huge winner of this. >> do you think mitt romney is a winner today? >> no. first off, it's june and it is a wash. but the argument is going to be this. whose side are you on? right? both of these guys have the elitist streaks. sometimes the president can be very professorial and that's off putting and sometimes, like always, romney can have the marie antoinette syndrome and insults the working people like today. >> i love that your big insult of the president is he's professorial and mitt romney is he's marie antoinette. >> i'm a state school guy. >> equal on the criticism.
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but go on, paul. >> well, the president can be a little ethereal at times. neither are like joe biden who i think is great on middle class kind of cred. but if it's about who you'd rather hang out with, i don't think romney is going to succeed there. >> all right. it's been a fascinating day. thank you. let us know what you think. we're on facebook. follow me on twitter. what do you think of the president's remarks today? there are new images out of syria tonight. video of a doctor and staff of volunteers risking their lives to save civilians and others in a city under siege. we're going to show you what they're up against. it's a cnn exclusive, next.
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documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. [click-click] [♪...] welcome back. the latest on syria now. we've gotten some video that we're going to show you in a moment. it was taken by a journalist named robert king who has risked
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his life to bring it to you. the video shows you in a way we haven't seen before the every day horror that people in some parts of syria are facing. we've cut down the video, because some of it is so gruesome we didn't think we could show it to you. it shows kids who have been cut apart, blown open by shelling, shot by snipers. we want you to see the video because for all the talk and all the statistics and all the debates over what if anything can and should be done to stop the slaughter in syria, this is the reality. men and women and children dying. some of them are fighters, yes. some of them are simply kids. some simply people who have demonstrated for freedom. in homs, more shelling by government forces. at least 40 people killed across syria in the last 24 hours alone according to activists. that follows the alleged killing of 78 people earlier this week, mostly women and children.
4:19 am
which of course followed the alleged killing of more than a hundred people two weeks ago in houla. again, mostly women and children. of course the dictator al-assad denies all of this and blames the bloodshed on terrorists. he also says his forces don't kill civilians. they're just fighting terrorists. there are concerns about the fighting in syria, but this fight began with peaceful protests, wasn't begun by jihadists or terrorists. but by regular syrians who had had enough. they began demonstrating 15 months ago calling for reforms. the peaceful protests were met with bullets and batons, tear gas and tanks. the bloodshed is such a daily occurrence, many no longer want to pay attention to it. many people don't cover it anymore. and i understand that, but we ask you to just pay attention for just a few minutes tonight. the only thing worse than children being murdered is children being murder and no one stopping to even pay attention to learn their names or to learn the stories or the loss that their families feel. these images taken by photojournalist robert king who has repeatedly risked his life
4:20 am
to document the truth of what's happening right now in syria. the images were taken in a makeshift clinic in the city in al-qusayr, homs province, a place under siege for months. people are injured and sick, but might be saved. those people are dying. >> what is your name? >> dr. kasen. >> dr. kasen? >> yes. >> go, go, go, go. this regime is a terrorist regime. >> doctor, what has happened here? >> i don't know. the army of al-assad. you see this child? terrorists?
4:21 am
they cannot go to any hospital in syria. they will kill the wounded. >> even the children? >> even the children. [ child crying ] >> we are every day very busy. if not the wounded, we have more patients. look at this child. is he a terrorist or a fighter? why are they shooting him? you see he is not a fighter. not old man, not young man. he's a 6-year-old with severe injury in the stomach and the liver and the kidney.
4:22 am
what he did for our regime is the sniper take this -- this is the child. why is he shooting him? >> will he survive? >> yes. i think. god willing. >> the hospital just got hit by a rocket. [ crying ] we cannot stay in the same place for a long time. >> why can't you stay in the same place? why do you have to keep relocating your hospital? >> because they will -- they will try to catch us.
4:23 am
>> are you worried for your own life? >> no. if i will die when i help people, it is good for me. because i am a doctor. i must help people. especially in this very catastrophic time. after the revolution, before the revolution, during the revolution, i will help people. >> life and death in a makeshift clinic in syria. >> life and death in a makeshift clinic in syria. those images taken by robert king, again, who has risked his life to shoot that video. i spoke to him earlier today from inside syria.
4:24 am
the video that you've taken in this field hospital is probably some of the most -- i don't know the adjective -- i mean, horrific video that i've seen. it really gives you a sense of just the chaos in the makeshift clinics and the struggle these doctors are under. a lot of people wounded are men involved in the fighting and the free syrian army. but you're seeing so many children. have you seen children who are actually shot by snipers, directly targeted? or are most of them unintended victims of shelling? >> no, i've seen at least two to three children that have been directly targeted by snipers. >> i remember being in sarajevo, in the siege, and over the years people would get angry after a while of reporters who had taken pictures for years, and yet they felt like nothing was changing. do people there feel like the world has abandoned them? >> there's just not that many journalists here anymore. whereas in sarajevo, there was a
4:25 am
lot more journalists, a lot more coverage. now this this war, the reaction is the same. there's a lack of response. the difference is that there is no real international media presence. and in some regards, you're it, anderson. i mean, you're the only one that i'm aware of that's continually broadcasting these war crimes from this area. and i'm not saying it just because i'm speaking with you. i can't even move my pictures. it's amazing. >> i think the thing, and we talked about this the last time, none of us can pretend we don't know what was happening. we can't say i didn't know. because you are there and because activists have trained their cell phone cameras on this. we know what is happening there. i watched the entire -- all the video that you shot. we've shown three or four minutes of it. i watched all ten minutes of it.
4:26 am
i mean, i've seen a lot of stuff, and i've never seen, you know, children with their guts hanging out, with very little medical care to treat them. i don't know what more people need to see in order to be roused into some sort of reaction. >> i can't believe it. the syrian people don't want military intervention. they would like nato to bomb the syrian positions. they don't want boots on the ground. they would like weapons to conduct a fair fight. the doctor would like to honor their oath and they would like to have proper supplies to save lives. >> bad things happen all the time. and i think it's one thing to be murdered and to be killed in a conflict. and that's horrible enough. it's another to have the world know about it and see it and still turn away. and to not even know the names of those who have died. to not hear their stories or pay
4:27 am
attention to their suffering, and it seems like that's what's happening right now. people are aware of what's happening, but the world is not paying attention. >> no, the world is a very complaisant place right now. the lack of curiosity, concern, for their fellow humans is appalling. >> you're risking your life to give these people a voice and to try to tell their story. and i thank you for that. i thank you for talking with us tonight and sharing your pictures with us. >> thank you so much, anderson. >> we hope you remain safe. a lot of journalists have died covering this. a victory for 9/11 responders coming up. the federal government agreeing to expand the list of illnesses it will pay for. illnesses afflicting so many of them. d@ [ male announcer ] count the number of buttons
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a texas man on trial in the shooting death of his neighbor claims self defense, that he was standing his ground in the face of fear. he recorded the entire confrontation. we're going to show it to you. you can decide for yourself who is right. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪ i would've appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans? at quicken loans, we provide you with proactive updates on the status of your home loan. and our innovative online tools ensure that you're always in the loop. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze.
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we're following other stories tonight. susan hendricks has a 360 news bulletin. we have a 360 follow, good news for the first responders following the september 11 attack and became sick. the federal government agreed to add certain cancers to the list of illnesses that will be covered by the insurance programs. the cdc says 14 people in 6 states have been sickened with a strain of e. coli in the last few months alone. and one toddler may have died because of it in louisiana. nearly all of the illnesses were reported across the south. the cause of the outbreak is still unknown. take a look at this. excavations in bulgaria have unearthed tombs of people apparently suspected vampires. two skeletons show that the deceased were stabbed through the heart with an iron rod. these tombs are about 700 years old, anderson, drawing tourists now to bulgaria to see it for themselves. >> that's interesting. thank you.
4:33 am
time for the shot of father/daughter dances. always special. this one has gone viral on youtube with nearly a million hits. take a look. ♪ ♪ don't you wanna dance this is mike hanley and his daughter jessica showing off their moves. surprising guests at her bah mitzvah. goes on for about five minutes long. yeah. >> you know he's the most popular dad in the room. >> no doubt. we wish her a happy ba mitzvah. >> coming up, a serious story that raises a lot of questions. a man video tapes himself in the neighbor's driveway and then opens fire while he was on the phone with 911. he was the only one armed. he claims self-defense. you can watch for yourself and judge for yourself next.
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welcome back. the massacre at ft. hood killed 13 people, injured dozens more. today the judge delayed the hearing because the suspect violated military rules. details when we continue.
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in tonight's crime and punishment. ever since george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin, the so-called stand your ground laws have been under increased scrutiny. the case of raul rodriguez is another example. the retired firefighter is on trial for the shooting of an elementary schoolteacher in the victim's own driveway. rodriguez claimed self defense under the state's law that permits deadly force when someone believes they're in danger.
4:39 am
now the confrontation was over noise complaint. basically his neighbor was having a party. texas law allows people to protect themselves outside their homes if they feel their lives are threatened. but rodriguez was the only one armed and prosecutors said he used specific buzz words during the confrontation to make sure he would have a case. so does he have a case? we'll put this to jeffrey toobin in a minute. what makes this more difficult, the entire thing was videotaped by rodriguez. even the shooting. here's randi kaye. >> when raul rodriguez showed up at his neighbor's house to complain about noise from a loud party, he was armed, not just with a gun, but a flashlight, a cell phone connected to 911 operators. and a video camera. >> that was more than 85 decibals. i'm 200 feet away. >> it was may, 2010, and the retired firefighter had been calling harris county police all night, complaining about a rowdy party. frustrated, he confronts his neighbor, kelly danaher and some of his buddies on the driveway.
4:40 am
>> will you turn that down, please? >> who are you? >> i live over here. turn it down. >> hey, don't go hollering at me, buddy. >> the video lasts about 20 minutes. over and over you hear rodriguez tell the men to stop or he'll shoot. >> yeah, you're going somewhere. >> you need to stop right there. don't come any closer. >> don't tell me not to come closer. i said stop right now or i will shoot you. stop! get back! i'm in fear for my life. you're all drunk, get away from me! >> the men appear unarmed, but still, rodriguez, who has a license to carry a concealed weapon repeatedly tells the 911 operator he fears for his life. it's just me against everybody. i've got a -- i've got -- look, there's about 15 people here. look, i'm in fear for my life now. that's why i drew my weapon. i'm in fear for my life. please help me now. they're going to kill me.
4:41 am
oh jesus, they're going to kill me. i smell liquor. >> the men shout at rodriguez, and rodriguez tells police the partygoers want to quote, beat me down. >> and so i'm running the video camera right now, and i'm talking to you. and i'm scared to death here. >> at some point one of the men seems to hint at getting his own weapon. >> when i go in the house and come back, don't think i won't be equal to you, baby. >> okay, they're going to escalate this. they're talking about getting something to shoot me with. i'm going to have to defend myself. i'm going to have to defend myself. >> while it may seem odd to bring a gun to resolve a noise complaint, rodriguez still may be able to defend himself using texas' version of the stand your ground law. known as the cassel doctrine. it says a person can use force if that person feels as though his or her life is in danger. so what happens in the next few moments on that video is key. rodriguez uses very specific language, phrases like, i'm standing my ground, and my life is in danger. listen closely.
4:42 am
>> it's about to get out of hand, sir. please help me. please help me, sir. my life is in danger now. he's about to -- he says he's going to go in the house and he's going to be more than equal to me. now i'm standing my ground here. now these people are going to try to kill me. >> then suddenly shots fire. look i'm not losing with these people anymore. i'm just going to tell them to stay back. they're drunk. >> and that's where the video ends. but we know the shooting continued. three of the partygoers are shot. two survive. but kelly danaher, the young father and elementary schoolteacher hosting the party is dead. raul rodriguez says he's not guilty of murder. and he's hoping this grainy video will prove he acted in self defense and never planned to kill. randi kaye, cnn, atlanta.
4:43 am
>> so rodriguez's attorney says the video we just saw proves his client was acting in self defense. i mean, does he have a case? >> well, he can make the argument. i don't think it does. first of all, it's just one of the craziest videos i've ever seen. he's mouthing the words that have been legally applied under that statute. we're familiar with the stand your ground law in florida because of the trayvon martin case. this is a similar law in texas, like a man's home is his castle. first of all, he's not at his home. he's several doors down. rodriguez goes and initiates the confrontation. >> and initiates it with a cell phone camera, or video camera, a gun and a flashlight. he's documenting the entire thing. >> he's documenting the entire thing. now his attorney is saying, well, why would he document it if it proves his guilt? i mean, i think some people just do stupid things. i think that's one reason why he did it. but i think more importantly,
4:44 am
you know, just because you say you're in fear and just because you say you're defending yourself doesn't mean a jury is going to believe that's the case. >> does this have parallels to the trayvon martin case? >> i think it does. because the law is similar. obviously the facts are quite different. most importantly, we don't have a video of the confrontation between zimmerman and martin. here when most importantly you see a guy with his hands up. that is highly significant in terms of who is the aggressor here. >> he arrived at this guy's house with the gun and the camera, as we said. and with the flashlight, before this law, before the stand your law in texas, would that have been premeditated murder? >> i don't think premeditated murder, but i think his self-defense claim would have been preposterous. it is true that people claiming self defense do a lot better now under the stand your ground laws.
4:45 am
but they don't always get acquitted. i think this situation is so egregious. particularly because he's not at his own house. >> he could have retreated to his own house. >> he could have retreated with great ease. he could have not initiated the conversation in the first place. remember, what causes this all is a noisy party. so it's not exactly a life threatening situation where you need to bring a gun in the first place. so i think all the surrounding circumstances make a weak defense for rodriguez. >> so you don't think he has a case? >> it doesn't seem that way to me. you're talk ago a jury. if juries want to embrace the notion of self defense, he could get acquitted. >> we'll watch it. fascinating. jeff, thanks. let me know what you think. let me know on twitter. hunting down suspected child pornographers and rescuing their victims. that's next on the program. for three hours a week, i'm a coach.
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anderson is back in a moment. i'm susan hendricks with a news and business bulletin. 18 victims of child pornography are safe tonight. they were rescued during a series of raids by federal agents who arrested 190 people throughout the u.s. and several other countries as well.
4:50 am
a military judge delayed a pretrial hearing for major nidal husson. because of his beard. he's accused of killing 13 people and wounding dozens more during a shooting rampage at ft. hood back in 2009. his court-martial is scheduled for august. the charity auction for lunch with billionaire warren buffett ends tonight. bidding on ebay has topped $500,000. last year's winner shelled out more than $2 million to dine with buffett. and disappointing news for triple crown hopeful i'll have another is out of the belmont stakes and will never race again. the winner of this year's kentucky derby has a leg injury, and sadly the colt's career is over. a programming note to tell you about. fareed zakaria has a new prime time special that will air this sunday, looking at what's wrong with the american immigration system and how to fix it. one of the hottest issues is the impact immigrants have on the labor market. fareed sat down with michael bloomberg and kansas secretary of state, who is a co-architect
4:51 am
of the staunch immigration law. take a look. >> what about industries like in california, agriculture and parts of the southwest, construction that do rely on the workers, and that don't find it easy to replace them. it hasn't been easy to find american citizens who were willing to pick fruit in 110 degree weather. >> replace them at what cost? the employers will never say, well, we tried raising wages by $5 an hour. and then we found american -- they don't do that. >> wouldn't make those businesses uncompetitive? >> not if all businesses in that industry are facing an equal increase in the cost of labor. >> but the real competition is from abroad. >> not so much in agriculture. >> sure it is. >> less of a factor. >> it's fair to say that americans would do virtually any
4:52 am
job. you'll always find somebody. unfortunately, the customers who are going to pay for those workers aren't going to pay those prices. so it's a ridiculous argument to make. you cannot pay somebody to pick peaches so much that the peaches cost $10 a piece. >> well, fareed looks for answers on how to fix the immigration problem in the u.s. that's sunday, 8:00 p.m. and also 11:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. tonight the ridiculist is coming [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution, in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards, from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with our drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
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time for the ridiculist. i'm adding myself. that's right. i'm on the ridiculist yet again. if you're watching the program last night, you might have noticed i had an embarrassing moment. i want you to keep in mind, i'm the star of the show. the buck stops with me. if anyone is to blame, if anyone should be reprimanded it's the crew. so here at this point this the show we're doing much different -- much different -- much more different. what? oh, hey, sorry. didn't realize we were on the air. yeah, i didn't know what to say. did you notice the look of terror through my eyes? here i am at the precise moment i realized i was live on the air. my face is locked in a look of confusion which morphs into the look of fear. like i said, i'm choosing to blame the crew mostly because i don't have a good excuse. no one was distracting me. i wasn't very tired, i wasn't drunk. at least no more than usual. i will say in my defense when it
4:57 am
comes to bloopers, i'm in good company. >> i so pale. >> you're on air. >> today snow is crippling much of the washington low lands. >> what's weird about this, i don't know what language they're speaking. she is like i so pale and the other one -- i don't know -- i didn't understand what they said. anyway, i love her. the show must go on. by the way, it is not just news anchors who are prone to awkward moments in front of the cameras. take a look at the young woman behind me the newscaster who realizes she is on camera and tries to hide, stop, drop and roll. that is my kind of co-worker. it's not just because people who don't realize they're on camera. the show is moving along and things kind of happen. >> so i got knocked up last night. well, not literally. but i got the movie "knocked up." >> the movie. >> did you get many spankings as a kid? >> as a kid, no. no, wait.
4:58 am
>> wait a minute, wait a minute! wait a minute. >> that's not what i meant. >> i know who likes chocolate. one of our -- oh, nice melons behind you there. >> oh, no. whoa. whoa. >> oops. i'm sorry. >> yeah. weekdays on cnn. anyway, i have given it some thought. last night was my fault. i should have been paying attention to the crew. what do i need to do to make things right? what do i need to say it was the worst moment on cnn? fine, i'll step up and say it. there's never in the history of this network never been anything more embarrassing or bizarre. >> i'm about to receive 50,000 volts of electricity. do it. oh! oh! stop. oh. it hurts! it's painful.
4:59 am
but no one's dead. >> no one's dead. i forgot about that moment. i'm not shush anything can beat that moment. even me not realizing i was on the air last night for a brief second. i apologize to the viewers and appreciate your understanding. i thank you for not tasing me on the ridiculist. that's a particularly unattractive picture right there. that's it for us. thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. tonight, pride of america, shining stars of the summer games join me for an extraordinary hour. gold medal champion nastia lucci. and the boy from the bronx who never gave up. >> it would mean everything i've suffered through has been worth it. >> plus a newcomer on her very first olympics. and making a splash again t great michael phelps. a preview of my candid conversation on fame fortune and the ferocious will to win. >> when i step up on the block i am wearing stars and stripes. that's the coolest thing. >> their word, their stories, america's hope.


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